Welcome to “Advanced Inquiry on Business Venues.” Taipei City Government (“The Government” for short hereinafter) is responsible to inform you the following matters. Please be sure to read the specifics before registering.
We will have access to the personal data you key in when you register for the service, and regard your signup as your consent to offer your data for certain use within the purview of reason.

1. Agency collecting the data: Taipei City Government

2. Purpose (Code: data management, public affairs supervision, administrative assistance and other affairs by 175 subordinate agencies under other local administrations):
(1) Allowing the applicant to file service requests or applications online.

(2) Conduct statistics analyses and management with cases filed.

3. Categorization of personal data (Code: C001 individual identification)
Please key in your name, the last four digits of your national identification number, email address when applying for online services.

4. Time period, data subject, territory and method of use of personal data:
(1) Duration: time duration needed for the preservation of data for accessing certain citizen service items.
(2) Data subject: The Government and agency with which the application is filed.
(3) Territory: Personal data collected is used within the territory of Taiwan.
(4) Method: Data collected will be used for statistics analyses of service requests filed.

5. Rights to data use, and use method per the provisions of Article 3 of Personal Data Protection Act
Upon filing an application, you as the applicant may make an inquiry of, review, request a copy, supplement or correct your data; you may also demand the cessation of the collection, processing, use, and the erasure of your personal data.

6. Effects on Your Rights

You may choose whether to allow the Government to access your personal data. If you press “Disagree,” the Government will cease all of its access to your personal data; however, you will not be able to sign in to request or services. Thank you for your understanding.